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Take leadership– demonstrate commitment Be a leader – wave the flag! Your conduct as a leader is decisive for the success or failure of safety and health in your company.
Identify hazards – control risks Risk assessment serves as the essential tool for the timely and systematic identification of hazards and risks and to implement preventive actions. Accidents, injuries and near misses should also be evaluated
Define targets – develop programmes Success in occupational safety and health requires clear goals and concrete steps for implementation, which should be established in a programme.
Ensure a safe and healthy system – be well-organized Systematically organizing occupational safety and health in your enterprise is a good idea. It pays off and is easy.
Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces Safe production facilities, machines and work- places are essential for working without accidents. Health effects have to be considered as well.
Improve qualifications – develop competence Invest in the training and skills of your employees, and make sure that the required knowledge is available at every workplace.
Invest in people – motivate by participation Motivate your staff by involving your employees in all safety and health matters. This investment pays off!.

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