Vision Zero 2019
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The concept of Vision Zero is introduced by International Social Security Association (ISSA) which has been adopted by SOCSO and almost 2000 companies, over 500 national, regional and international organisations and over 500 occupational and safety and health trainers around the world

The philosophy that binds the many facets of Vision Zero are imperative in ensuring a safe and conducive working environment. These are vital for both the employees and employers which transcend sectors and their type of work. The Vision Zero Conference 2019 is targeted to walk you through on the philosophy behind the inception of Vision Zero, outlining the pillars of Vision Zero and crytallising the concept through sharing of existing and prospective efforts undertaken by corporations and institutions in manifesting Vision Zero at their own workplace or environment.

The ultimate aim of this conference is to equip and rally the stakeholders to always strive for a safer and more conducive work environment by inculcating a prevention culture in their workplace which that integrates Safety, Health and Wellbeing.

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Early Bird - 1st April - 31st May 2019, Normal Rate - 1st June 2019

'Registration close on 20th June 2019 and limited to 1,000 participants'
 Introduction Vision Zero 2019 : “Safety.Health.Wellbeing”

Vision Zero Conference 2019 is an inaugural event, aiming at gathering Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Road Safety practitioners in the country to internalise the foundation and missions of Vision Zero which will then lead to discussions on the importance and benefits of Vision Zero for the labour force consisting of both employers and employees, particularly in Malaysia.

Ensuring an active and healthy worker is one of the critical area in determining the success of a company. The strive towards a safe and conducive working environment is made more prominent in today’s world of constantly evolving technology and corporate structure. All of the aforementioned tough challenges have led ISSA to introduce Vision Zero which has been championed by Social Security Organisation of Malaysia (SOCSO) since 2017.

In furthering the noble cause of Vision Zero in Malaysia, this Vision Zero Conference 2019 is held to provide the OSH and Road Safety practitioners with a strong foundation and avenues to deepen the delegates understanding on Vision Zero and its impacts towards improving the working environment particularly in Malaysia. This year’s chosen theme of “Safety.Health.Wellbeing” are actually the pillars behind Vision Zero and deliberately chosen to frame the thoughts and discussions between the speakers and delegates throughout the conference.

The conference will provide the best avenues for the delegates not only to learn and apply the multiple facets of Vision Zero such as the philosophy and golden rules behind it, but also to instill fresh perspectives towards ensuring a safer and more conducive working environment at their own workplace. In particular, the seminar will offer the delegates to learn and discuss on ideas and policies revolving around Vision Zero’s pillars of Safety, Health and Wellbeing which uphold the belief that all occupational accidents, harm and diseases are preventable and promote the culture of prevention encompassing the areas of safety, health and wellbeing.

It is hoped that the conference will serve as a catalyst to rally the delegates and corporations towards adopting Vision Zero by adapting the philosophy and rules in Vision Zero at their respective workplace and also be an integral learning and networking platform for all OSH and Road Safety practitioners in the country.

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